U.S travel authorisation request

To enter the United States, all foreigners (except Canadians) are obliged to obtain a travel document before boarding a plane/ship to enter its territory.

Since 2007, citizens of selected countries can get easy electronic document instead of visiting an embassy. This permission is valid for 2 years and allow you to visit the U.S multiple times, every time for maximum of 90 days.

This document is electronic and linked with your passport, and we recommend to print it and have it also in a physical form. It will take 24 – 38 hours to receive the approved document.


  1. Passport (valid for at least 6 months since entering U.S)
  2. E-mail to received approved PDF
  3. Debit/Credit card to pay the fees

Who needs it

Anyone travelling to U.S from these countries:

United Kingdom, Australia, Chile, Norway, Switzerland, members of EU (except Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus), Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Monaco, Lichtenstein, Brunei, Andorra

Rest of the countries need to have the B1/B2 visitor.

Arriving to USA

United States is home to some of the biggest airports in the world. Starting with Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago or New York. You can fin flights from any country in the world and thanks to its huge network of airports, you can arrive to almost any bigger city in United States. Thanks to its size, air travel is also the most common way to move within the country. Train network is not developed as well as in Europe or Japan and car or bus takes lot of time.

Don’t forget you need a valid tourist or work visa before traveling to USA.

Biggest airlines in USA (international and domestic)

  • Delta
  • United
  • American
  • Southwest (the biggest low-cost)
  • Alaska (mostly west and Alaska)
  • Virgin
  • Frontier
  • Hawaiian
  • JetBlue
  • Spirit

What is the currency in USA?

The currency is the United States dollar (USD). It is the most powerful currency in the world and serves as a major reserve currency and is used the most in international trade.The dollar derives its strength from the economic and political might of the USA. Its sign is $, and its currency code is USD. Due to the fact more other countries also use dollar, it is sometimes abbreviated as US$. Note that value of each dollar (US, Australian, Taiwan) is different.

Is USA expensive?

The United States can be an expensive destination due to the high transportation and accommodation costs, but these costs can vary greatly from state to state with prices running highest on the coasts, in the national parks, and in Hawaii.

Tips and payment methods in United States

Despite ATMs being very common and 24/7, you can pay by a credit or debit card almost everywhere. Also if you are renting a car, prepare that the credit card will be required instead of standard payment card. Another US specific comes in a fact that chip + PIN cards are not so widespread as in Europe so you may be asked for a signature instead o a PIN in some cases.

Tip is almost necessity in USA, it’s a custom not to tip only if the service is really bad. The usual tip ranges between 10 and 20 % with a minimum o 1 – 2 USD.

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